Samuel Njoroge is an Entrepreneur, Keynote speaker and the nation’s leading  Business Strategist. He is passionate about empowering others to realize their real potential and live authentically.

Over the years he has inspired and motivated thousands of people to WAKE UP and chase their dreams. His work has touched the lives of top business leaders, entrepreneurs and countless others who are grateful for his coaching.

An encounter with him will challenge you to do what you have always dreamt of doing and stop looking to others for permission to be your best self. He guides his clients to take control of their lives through their actions and decisions. His speaking and coaching go beyond the typical course experience by evoking deep, emotional reactions that transform his clients from within.

"You have the answers you seek, but sometimes you need someone to point you in the right direction."



I had a rather serendipitous session with Samuel. He asked fairly simple questions during our conversation. These served as a reminder to what I truly endeavored for in my career and more importantly I got insights into my life purpose.  Indeed, it has made a difference. I would highly recommend him.

Kelvin Ondabu

Founder and CEO, Keller Kelly Ltd

Samuel Njoroge is a natural coach and facilitator. He was patient, intuitive and i found him to be wise beyond his years. He listened deeply and observed, then illuminated what lies beneath the surface that could hold me back or move me forward. He helped me build the confidence and clarity i needed to take risks and unlock my potential.

Hannah Njoki

Executive Director, Sanridge Springs Ltd

We had an illuminating session with Samuel and he made me realize how much I was limiting myself. It is often when things don’t go as we plan that we get discouraged almost to the point of giving up. The one thing to never do in any situation is to give up. Thank you Samuel; you rekindled my zeal to continue on my journey without giving up. I highly recommend Samuel as your life coach and you shall be blessed.

Jeremiah Mbugua

IT Specialist, Ceptacore Systems Ltd

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