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Samuel Njoroge is an Entrepreneur, Global speaker and the nation’s leading Life and Business Strategist. He is passionate about empowering others to realize their real potential and live authentically.

Having Samuel as my coach has really helped me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible and achievable. He asks simple but loaded questions that force you to think about what you are really trying to achieve and why it is important in your life. he was a much-needed wake up call.

Rose Thuo

Programs Officer (Kenya And Uganda), Segal Family Foundation

“As an entrepreneur, most of my ideas are jumbled up somewhere in the clouds. Working with Samuel helped me break down my ideas into an active process with timelines that were achievable. He helped me articulate into words what was in my head. Because of having him as my life coach, my zeal to get my hands dirty and make real change went on full throttle. I recommend Samuel to any over-achieving world changer who wants to kick ass! “

Ruthie Ndung'u

Founder and CEO, Feruschi Enterprises

Samuel is an extra ordinary coach gifted in elevating someone’s strength from a level they did not believe in themselves. His mantra being, everything is possible, he helps you see your life in a unique fashion, dissecting through the nuances of your “self imposed” impossibilities to a possibility level. He has great energy, very vibrant and knows how to add life into the room even when there is a huge elephant in the room that no one wants to deal with. Hellen Maina

Founder, Career Haven

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Business coaching in the Transformation of small and medium enterprises.

25.6% of small businesses fail in their first year while 84.5% of all small business close shop by their 10th year.Looking at such statistics, as a new entrepreneur preparing to start your business, or as a business owner who has recently opened shop, you might feel a lot of anxiety at the foretold uncertainty your business will face.

How to find a life coach in Kenya

The first and most important thing to consider is whether coaching is what you are really after. If you wish to access your full potential and hit all the milestones and goals you have set for yourself then coaching may serve you well. 

The strategic warrior

Three years ago, I had the pleasure of reading a book that changed my perspective on life’s struggles and how to overcome most of them. It laid out the foundation for one becoming a strategic warrior in their lives.


My parents had just come home from work and as they drove towards the house, something caught their attention. They felt uneasy as if something was terribly wrong.

I’m In Love

Around 5 years ago on one Friday evening, my girlfriend and I were headed back to campus after watching our first movie. As we sat in that minibus in the cool of night, she leaned in close and laid her head on my shoulder. Then she asked me one of the most profound things I have ever heard in my life. She said

Are You A Good Partner?

What does it really mean to be a good partner in your relationship? Would you consider yourself to possess the traits that make a good partner? What are these traits? Do you show up fully in your relationship every time?

How to grow and nurture Your Self-confidence.

Success does not come to the person who constantly sells himself short through his lack of self-confidence. Instead, it looks favorably upon the person who knows what he wants and goes after it. It handsomely rewards the person who confidently pursues their objective and does not in any circumstances accept the word impossible.

Help From Others

Clear thinking cannot come from a mind plagued with worry. A smart person knows this and acts on it accordingly. They do so by seeking help from others whose minds are not clogged by worry, doubt, and fear.

A Life of Gratitude

Often when people succeed, there is a tendency to claim to be self-made. However, the truth is that no one reaches the peak of success without help. Once you set a definite goal and then take your first step towards achieving it, often you find yourself getting help from many sources, some completely unexpected.

How Accurate thinkers achieve success

Of all the things that influence the shape your life takes, few are more important than your power of thought. Over it, you and only you have absolute control. The sad thing is that this power lies often untapped, grossly under-utilized leaving you to live a life well below your full potential.