In the tempestuous waters of leadership, one must bravely navigate the waves of change or sink into the abyss. The challenge as leaders: How do you create a case for change and get others to buy into the change plan? And how do you steer the ship to safe waters?

Leading Through Change

For the dreamers, pioneers and change agents who are in the battle to improve their workplace and make a difference.

Target audience: Executives, Managers & Business Leaders  

About Leading Through Change

The future is not what it used to be!

We have to accept, as organizations and leaders, that where we are today is not where we need to be for the future. 

That’s where organizational change begins. 

And we all know how such change usually comes. It’s messy, noisy and chaotic. It loops around and continually regenerates itself as an ever spiraling process, disrupting everything in its wake.

But it doesn’t have to be so. If only you can master the forces of change and turn them in your favour?

In this signature talk, Samuel shows you that change can be fun.

Through his own experience of helping leaders thrive in crisis, he will teach you how to navigate change, not from a classroom but in the real world, working with real people.

His message will recalibrate your leaders to start taking aim at concrete change targets and strategies so as to thrive when the tide is roughest. 

It will be your lighthouse through the circuitous route to positive, constructive, well-tolerated change.

It will help you build a strong case for change, build allies for your change plan and forge on with courage and tenacity.

If you are wrestling with change in your group or organization ~ And who isn’t? ~ This talk is a MUST listen.


Where The Big Boats Float

Scaling up is every entrepreneur’s dream —and nightmare. Hyper-growth is terrifying, and it’s most often success that kills great companies. 

So how can you become the exception to this rule? How can you ensure that growth becomes the beginning, not the end, of your company’s success?

The Art of Following Through

The world is awash with brilliant ideas, but only a few survive till the end.

The critical question_ How do you begin, then tenaciously carry out your idea to term, ‘No matter what’?

business creativity

Business Creativity

Being creative is easier than you think. But how do you find inspiration for creativity and more importantly, how do you display, share and leverage your creative work?

In a world of business rules and rigid structure, how do you, as a leader, inspire creativity to help your team create real business value?

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Samuel's specialty is designing and breaking down complex projects to really simple steps. 

Email: Info@samuelnjoroge.co.ke

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