The world is awash with brilliant ideas, but only a few make it to the end. The critical question_ How do you begin and how do you carry out your idea to term, ‘No matter what’?

The Art of Following Through

Carrying out ideas to completion ‘No matter What!’

Target audience: Executives, Managers & Business Leaders  

About The Art of Follow Through

Anyone can have an idea. Most of us, in fact, have come up with a few brilliant ones in the course of our lives.
So what happens to most of your ideas?
What becomes of their spark and why are so many never carried out to completion?

The answer is simple. 

Some never take off. They remain ideas forever, never to be implemented. The few that do, face an uphill battle against naysayers, the environment around you but most importantly, from yourself.

The challenge to everyone who has an idea is: How do you begin and how do you carry out your idea to completion, ‘No matter what’?

What you as a modern day leader must learn is how to get past yourself, past your yesterday’s thinking and past your inability to see around the obstacles. 

In this keynote, Samuel shares insights on how to make starting on new ideas easier and the systems you must adopt to follow through on them against all odds. He takes you behind the scenes to understand the mindset, systems and resilience of highly motivated ordinary men and women who stuck at it, ergo building great businesses and creating the happy ending to their ideas. 

Are you tired of birthing new business ideas that are never carried to term? Or tired of starting on the same idea over and over again? This is the message you need to hear!


The Art of Following Through

The world is awash with brilliant ideas, but only a few survive till the end.

The critical question_ How do you begin, then tenaciusly carry out your idea to term, ‘No matter what’?

Business Creativity

Being creative is easier than you think. But how do you find inspiration for creativity and how do you display, share and leverage your creative work?

In a world of business rules and rigid structure, how do you, as a leader, inspire creativity to help your team create real business value?

At the Heart of Change

In the tempestous waters of leadership, one must bravely navigate the waves of change or sink into the abyss.

The challenge: How do you create a case for change and get others to buy into the change plan?

Scaling Up_ Building for Exponential Growth

Scaling up is every entrepreneur’s dream —and nightmare. Hyper-growth is terrifying, and it’s most often success that kills great companies. 

So how can you become the exception to this rule? How can you ensure that growth becomes the beginning, not the end, of your company’s success?

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Samuel's specialty is designing and breaking down complex projects to really simple steps. 


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