How to Perform well under pressure

How to Perform well under pressure

All of us have prepared for days, weeks or even years, for a big day when you finally have the chance to shine. That big game, that one important speech, that one interview or that life-defining audition. However, when the crucial

A Life of Gratitude

A Life of Gratitude

Often when people succeed, there is a tendency to claim to be self-made. However, the truth is that no one reaches the peak of success without help. Once you set a definite goal and then take your first step towards achieving it, often you find yourself getting help from many

The strategic warrior

The strategic warrior

Three years ago, I had the pleasure of reading a book that changed my perspective on life’s struggles and how to overcome most of them. It laid out the foundation for one becoming a strategic warrior in their lives. Composed of a few principles mostly derived …

How Accurate thinkers achieve success

How Accurate thinkers achieve success

Of all the things that influence the shape your life takes, few are more important than your power of thought. Over it, you and only you have absolute control. The sad thing is that this power lies often untapped, grossly under-utilized

Know yourself and live a life of purpose.

Know yourself and live a life of purpose.

Why do so many people wake up every day and go to a job they hate? How about the many that are so excited about the weekend and dread the Mondays? Or those that are struggling every day and not getting fulfillment?


Samuel Njoroge is a Business Speaker who empowers his audience with research findings, models and tools that they can immediately apply in their business or careers.


Through his boutique firm, Azelea Coaching Advisory, Samuel works with over 100 business leaders and entrepreneurs each year to help them design the necessary framework to achieve their biggest business targets.


Samuel lives and breathes Business. With a background in Architecture, he builds businesses and projects from a firm foundation while helping others systemize and scale their businesses.

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Samuel's specialty is designing and breaking down complex projects to really simple steps. 

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