The Fragrance Always Lingers.

The Fragrance Always Lingers.

I was about 11 years old when I first went to the theatre to watch a movie. This was no ordinary day for me. It had come to me in the form of a gift and I had prepared for weeks and months to get it. Just a few months before, during one of …

To move forward faster, learn to slow down.

To move forward faster, learn to slow down.

In the modern business age, speed has been hailed as the holy grail of success. Clouded by the adrenaline of “lightning fast internet time” and “business at the speed of thought” way of operating, the idea that speed is always, absolutely and …

Ego: The Bleeding Edge of Business Creativity

Ego: The Bleeding Edge of Business Creativity

The business strategist D. Marcum once wrote, “Our working definition of ego is not personal confidence, self-assuredness or self-awareness. Contrary to what owners of ego may think, ego is not equivalent to strength. Ego masquerades as …

Create Curiosity

Create Curiosity

Every company in the world started off as an idea and each idea was birthed from someone’s curiosity. In fact, if we take a quick glance through history, from the discovery of fire to space exploration and travel, we’ll find that most of the remarkable discoveries and …

Unlocking Your Creative Genius

Unlocking Your Creative Genius

When we think of creatives, the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein or Picasso, most of us believe that they were lone geniuses _ toiling alone, locked away in their studios after being struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration. For the rest of us …


Samuel Njoroge is a Business Speaker who empowers his audience with research findings, models and tools that they can immediately apply in their business or careers.


Through his boutique firm, Azelea Coaching Advisory, Samuel works with over 100 business leaders and entrepreneurs each year to help them design the necessary framework to achieve their biggest business targets.


Samuel lives and breathes Business. With a background in Architecture, he builds businesses and projects from a firm foundation while helping others systemize and scale their businesses.

Invite SAMUEL to speak at your IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL event.



Samuel's specialty is designing and breaking down complex projects to really simple steps. 

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